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Having recognized Georgia as "The Homeplace of the World Folk Music" (Alan Lomax) and the Georgian traditional polyphony as the masterpiece of the non-materialistic cultural heritage made the importance of upbringing the new generation on the roots of national music more severe. Evidently, forming the artistic and aesthetic thinking stems from the early youth.

          In the service of this respectable mission is the boys` folk choir "Mdzlevari" which was founded in 1994. Scientific assumption on the etymology of the word Mdzlevari is linked with the old Georgian term Dznoba that means chanting. According to academician Ivane Javakhishvili the term Dznoba was connected with chorus. In the Explanatory Dictionary we read - Mdzlevari means Preferable and in the Georgian dialect it means the flock of singing birds.

          The artistic directors of "Mdzlevari" are Tariel and Kakhaber Onashvili, the soloists of Georgian song and dance ensemble "Rustavi". They are the favourable representatives of the Onashvili family who devotedly bear the ancient traditions of Georgian singing. Tariel Onashvili is the famous performer of Georgian folk songs, the real master of Kartlo-Kakhetian song dialect, the owner of numerous awards. Kakhaber Onashvili has graduated from Vano Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire. He already owns a great experience as a choir conductor and is distinguished with his musical talent and hard working. The elder generation of "Mdzlevari" - Giorgi Bajelidze, Archil Roinishvili, Shota Migriauli and others, who have the special love for the folk songs, are involved in teaching the folk songs to youngsters.

          The aim of the leaders of "Mdzlevari" is to promote the interest towards the folk music and to make the folk song unseparable part of life for the Georgian young generation.

          There are more than 50 boys in the choir. "Mdzlevari" systematically holds concerts, participates in television and radio programs thus popularizing Georgian folk music. During its not too long period "Mdzlevari" has won many prizes participating in the festivals and deservedly is one of the best choirs among many others. The ensemble is the first prize winner of the country festival "Golden Eagle", first prize at the First World Youth`s Competition in Georgia, first prizes also at Tbilisi folklore festival, Georgian folk songs festival and the festival of "the Voices of the Future". The choir is the prize winner of Valeri Gergiev Moscow Easter Festival and for the professional performance it has also won the first prize at Pomorie (Bulgaria) festival of Orthodox Voices. The ensemble successfully performed in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Switzerland, St. Petersburg and Moscow together with "Rustavi" and Tbilisi Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Vakhtang Kakhidze.

          The repertoire of "Mdzlevari" includes more than 60 songs from different regions of Georgia. Gocha Beriashvili is sharing the secrets and mastery of playing the ancient Georgian folk instruments with the youth. He is the devoted successor of the virtuous instrumentalist Omar Kelaptrishvili.

          The youngsters perform the songs of different genre and from different regions of Georgia. Such as "Imeruli Mkhedruli" (Imeretian war song), Acharian, Kakhetian and Lechkhumian "Makruli" (wedding songs), work songs "Kanuri", "Imeruli Naduri" and Megrelian "Ocheshkhvei", Kakhetian and Rachian versions of "Alilo" (Christmas song), "Samgzavro Perkhuli" (traveller`s round-dance song), Svanetian "Kviria" (mourning song) and Megrelian "Nana" (lullaby) and many others.

          "Mdzlevari" has recorded many folk songs. Two CDs has already been issued.